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Scam and Phishing Phone Calls

This morning I received a suspect phone call from the phone number 011117000 – the phone number was the first red flag. The person on the other end claimed to be from a company called “Informer” – I asked where the company was based and she avoided the question by repeating the company name and what the company did (second red flag – avoiding answering simple questions), which wasn’t much information at all.

In the end, the scammer wanted me to “confirm” my email address – quoting an email address that didn’t exist (another red flag) – which I confirmed anyway and she promptly hung up.

The lesson here is to be very wary with the amount of information you give away, reducing the amount of information that is given to people like this greatly reduces the potential damage that could occur. Confirming an email may not seem harmful because it’s public information already, however damage can be done in the wrong hands under the right circumstances.

Thankfully we are not exposed in this particular circumstance but there seems to be no limit to the creativity of scammers. With that in mind, we should always try to remain vigilant.

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